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Technical, scientific, and medical translations in English, German, Dutch, French, Danish, Swedish We Understand Your Text

Professional Translations – with speed, precision, and discretion.

With more than 25 years of experience, we offer quality translations into English, German, and Dutch for renowned customers at home and abroad.

Translations are a vital aspect of your communication and must be one hundred percent accurate. Quality always comes first!

Many rate themselves as excellent. But what if you have to do things over because someone slipped up? Wouldn’t it be preferable to turn to a specialist translator who knows exactly what he or she is doing and will pay close attention to details?

We understand your text and respect the terminology specific to your business.

Your clients are to understand exactly what you are saying – in a language they are familiar with.

These days, translations are often presented as technological solutions. Some translation agencies are trying to outdo each other by offering the latest software versions and the most extensive databases.

We are convinced, however, that translations still require quite a bit of craftsmanship as well as personal dedication. No translation can be done well at all by just pushing buttons. We take our responsibility seriously and would never delegate it. No certification can replace personal commitment. No computer can understand exactly what you are saying.

And it is quite impossible to write a good text by simply piecing it together at random from isolated fragments out of a database.

We know what we are talking about.

Our approach involves creating a personal database for each and every customer. This database will contain your individual terminology.

There is no chance of your content suddenly turning up in someone else’s text – let alone that of your competition!

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